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WorldSIM Review | Get International Roaming SIM

WorldSIM Introduction

WorldSIM is responsible for offering multiple communication solutions for international travelers. They have achieved this by allowing travelers to keep in touch thanks to the SIM card they provide and which offers free international roaming in more than 90 countries, and continue to add. Worldism also offer unique and necessary travel products to facilitate your entire travel experience. They are sure to be available anywhere in the world to meet your immediate communication needs.


Why is WorldSIM Important?

  • They work together with more than 4000 partners of the tourism industry around the world. This facilitates the availability of their services.
  • You can purchase their products both in their online store and through the airlines affiliated with the company.
    Its management team is made up of telecommunications experts with more than 100 years of accumulated experience. In this way you are guaranteed the best technical support to advise you in case of any doubt or problem.
  • They have an informative blog where you can find news about tips to make your trip a comfortable and safe experience.
  • They are always innovating, constantly bringing new products and excellent competitive prices.

WorldSIM Products

Tri-Fi Portable WiFi Router With Powerbank

This WIFI router device will allow you to connect to the Internet from anywhere and you can do so with up to 10 devices including tablets, phones, cameras, video game consoles, etc.. In the same way is a mobile power bank with which you can charge phones or tablets, even those devices that consume a lot of battery. It also has a slot for MicroSD cards up to 32 GB. This way you will be able to store all the important files of your trip.

WorldSIM Prodigy Smart Watch

This intelligent watch is a true technological novelty of last generation. It can be used as a standalone phone or in conjunction with one. It comes with a built-in SIM card, 16 GB expandable memory, an anti-loss function so you can easily find it and even listen to your favourite music via Bluetooth.

4K Ultra HD Action Camera – 16MP

This handy camera will only give you moments of satisfaction and you will be able to store all the memories of your travels without any problem. It comes with a waterproof case, which means you can dive with it. With 4K quality you will have videos in the best high definition of the moment, with spectacular angles and photos can be taken with a resolution of up to 16 megapixels. You can control their functions via WIFI too, using their free application on your phone.

3D Virtual Reality Glasses

With these 3D virtual reality glasses you won’t have a minute of boredom. In the long waits while you travel, they will be the ideal accessory for you to enjoy your favorite movies. They’re easy to use, just plug your smartphone into the compartment on the front and you’re ready for visual enjoyment.


Worldism has the faithful goal of making global communications as affordable as possible around the world. To achieve this they continue to expand to provide the best service and taking into account the needs of a growing clientele. In this way they guarantee confidence and security, more than enough reasons for you to ask for their advice.

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