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Triphop Introduction

Travelling is such an excellent idea. The idea gets better when you find a great place to spend your stay. Remember, nights are the calmest period. They give you a chance to relax and reminisce on all day’s events. How to get accommodation can be quite a problem, but with Triphop app and website, you are not only guaranteed of getting the best destination but also benefits on every trip you book. benefits are very vital as they help you save money, which you can spend on other ventures. Also, benefits will make you want to travel more often. So, you need to know about Triphop.


What Is Triphop?

Triphop is a website that markets hotels. It is an online platform that brings closer different types of accommodation. Through the site, you can make a booking, and the acceptance of your booking will be made known to you through email confirmation. It provides an excellent opportunity to book your favorite hotels. Through the site, you can search for hotels of your choices and be guaranteed of the best deal as well as cash reward back. You can visit the website, or you can use the easy to Triphop app.

How To Use Triphop?

Using triphop is straightforward. The very first thing you do is to visit the website then click on the create account button. A new window will be displayed. You will be prompted to register by writing your name, email address and creating your password. You will also see an option of recording using your Facebook account or signing up with your Google account.

Alternatively, you can download the triphop app from Google play and register similarly. The most outstanding feature you will see on this registration page is the $ 20 off your first stay. When you are done recording, you can search for hotels at your most desired destination, anytime in over 500000 destinations worldwide.

You must give accurate information when registering. This way, you avoid any inconveniences that might arise. Once you make a booking, you will receive a booking reference number through your email. The reference number is very critical, so keep it safe.

Triphop Services

Triphop provides an online platform which you can browse the different type of lodging and temporary accommodation in various destination worldwide, among them hostels, hotels, service apartments, cottages, rooms for rent, and ryokans among others.


Currently, every booking you make earns you a reward of $20 for a hotel stay. This amount of money will be added to your account once you check out. Besides, triphop gives you a chance to choose how you want to receive your money. You can get a cheque or through PayPal. In some instances, the site will offer you 15% cash back on any booking you make. However, this will significantly vary with the date of travel and property. The reward you get stems from the commission Triphop gets.

Top Destination

Triphop covers beautiful and high-end hotels in the world’s most decorated cities among them Las Vegas hotels, Chicago hotels, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Dubai, Paris, and London hotels among others. Currently, triphop covers over 550000 hotels worldwide.

Retrieving A Booking

Triphop gives you an opportunity to regain a reservation that you earlier made for whatever reasons you have. It is a straightforward process: provide the booking reference and the last name or the email address you used to during the booking process.


Triphop stands out as the best option when it comes to searching for hotels. The site gives a wide array of destinations to choose from. With over 550000 destinations around the world, you won’t miss the best. Besides, the exclusive offers and deals they offer will make your travel and stay better. And if you are a wanderlust and don’t want to break your bank account, I suggest Triphop. More than that what everyone aims is a gorgeous destination. You won’t depress choosing this platform since the plethora of fabulous destinations. No delays! Furthermore, you can retrieve your booking at no cost, if you are no longer interested.

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