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Suzanna Dai Review | The Ultimate Collection Of Charming Jewelry

Suzanna Dai Introduction

Suzanna Dai is a collection of jewelry as well as accessories motivated by European vacation, spectacular destinations, as well as different traditions. The Suzanna Dai selection debuted in 2009, in which was immediately acquired by renowned NYC luxurious store Bergdorf Goodman. Soon after that, the collection turned up in deluxe stores such as Takashimaya NY, Scoop NYC, as well as Anthropologie, along with in renowned worldwide boutiques like Barney’s Japan, Harvey Nichol’s Riyadh, as well as, Des Pres,  just to list a few. The Suzanna Dai collection has earned nudge national as well as global publications, such as Vogue, as well as the Oprah Magazine. We well-known people who love the collection consist of Michelle Obama as well as many others. Suzanna Dai is collaborating with some institutions including W Hotels as well as LOFT. In 2013, they teamed with Giuliana Rancic plus LOFT to launch the Breast Melanoma Awareness Month.

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Why is Suzanna Dai Awesome?

Every Suzanna Dai item blends classic glamour with contemporary elegance which is gently hand-crafted with components sourced as well as motivated by destinations worldwide. The selection features metal threads, semi-precious gemstones, glass beads as well as sterling silver parts. Every design is supported on leather—making the items extremely lightweight as well as simple to wear. The Suzanna Dai client is advanced as well as fashionable with gratitude for quirkiness along with a dash of drama. Her conveniently chic sensibility embraces the nostalgia as well as the style of the past whereas presuming the excitement of the next day.

Suzanna Dai Features


Have a look at different kinds of earring ranging from vintage to contemporary on Suzanna Dai with the help of this feature. You can purchase have your earring delivered for free at your doorstep.


You’ve searched for Necklaces! Etsy has thousands of unique options to choose from, like handmade goods, vintage finds, and one-of-a-kind gifts.


Hope these features will help you a lot, you will be able to take a look at different kinds of bracelets on Suzanna Dai, which is trading at friendly pricing.


Thinking of purchasing different accessories? Well, using this feature on Suzanna Dai, clients can get access to some accessories of all kinds at a pocket-friendly pricing. On this feature, you will access neckties, gloves and so forth.


Thinking of a wedding? Well, Suzanna Dai is here to help you with that. On Suzanna Dai with the help of this feature, you will have access to real bridals as well as Bridal brides guide today!

The Designer

Suzie Gallehugh is the innovative drive behind Suzanna Dai. Suzie infuses her exclusive character into each one design, whereas attracting motivation from her adore of complex add-ons, traveling, unique as well as old cultures, as well as things antique. Suzie graduated from the University of Texas-Austin and made her design career in New York City after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.


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