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Supermetrics Review | The No.1 Marketing Tool For Your Business

Do you know how much a successful digital marketing professional earns? Undoubtedly, it’s in the tens of thousand dollars per month. You will be overwhelmed to know the figures, right!

Why don’t you spy and make profits to fulfill the goals? Well, we have done that and found they spend a couple of minutes in crafting business reports. Is that true? How is it possible?

Being a marketing analyst, you may need to spend hours making reports. It’s so creepy and a hectic task. One of the best ways to overcome is by using Supermetrics software that comes with a finite number of features to analyze website/blog performance, traffic, revenue, loading time, bounce rate, and conversions at one go.

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Want to kick-start using the Supermetrics tool? Here is complete information on Supermetrics Review that let you decide the appropriate plan for your business niche, sticking to the budget. Go ahead,

Supermetrics Power-Packed Features

Supermetrics offers a wide variety of tools to automate reporting for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics. Now, let’s have a look at the incredible features that boosts your businesses.

Supermetrics Review

Supermetrics For Google Sheets

Now, you can successfully monitor the campaigns run on Google sheets by investing $69 per month. It is a wonderful combination of data crunching, visualization, and sharing that enhances your business to the next level. Furthermore, it is possible to drag data into Google sheets by communicating with the PPC, social, email, and other marketing platforms. You can automatically schedule the mailing process depending on your convenience.

Supermetrics For Google Data Studio

This is yet another essential tool that lies within the Supermetrics for sharing the data amongst the secured services. Moreover, it resolves the issues spontaneously and makes it simple to embed the information on Data Studio. Want to experience the Data Studio tool? Get it right away by claiming for 14days free trial services. Once you have done with that, go for paid plans to monitor your businesses.

Supermetrics For API

API referred to as Application Program Interface. This tool made it easy for the perks to connect with the business integration tools, and you don’t need coding experience too. Furthermore, you don’t have to bother losing the information as you can fetch data at lightning speed. For trouble-free experience, provide the details like mobile number, name, company name, email id, etc.,

Supermetrics For BigQuery

Build powerful dashboards and connect with the marketing tools for making the final results with hassle-free experience in an organization. It is possible to figure out campaigns such as Ads, CRM data run by the contenders and store for a limited duration (months). While fetching, the data can be slow and unreliable at times; hence, it is optimized using the data studio connector for better results.

Supermetrics For Excel

Transform every nut and bolt of business data into excel using this feature. For performing complex calculations to estimate the revenue, you may need formula and data manipulations that are available in the excel sheet. What we have noticed is the desktop excel sheet performs large data files compared to the online sheets.

Supermetrics For Uploader

Supermetrics Uploader unites with Google Analytics to add advertising fee data into the reports automatically. They have been the best for digital professionals who desire to handle complicated work in less time. Adding up, you don’t have to sign up into multiple accounts to check the metrics like Ad data and conversions.

Ready-Made Templates

They come with a variety of templates where you can pick the desired one to create reports in different styles. Choosing the template is quite simple as you drop down from the main menu and hit on the insert button. Now, start enjoying the colorful dashboard with metrics. Moreover, you can customize templates depending on the business niche.

Best Integration Tools

Integration tools are a major source for building a standard platform for your business and grow worldwide. Starting from PPC to SEO, and Ads data, everything can be put into a report format. Here, I’ve mentioned the list of integration tools where you can connect with global users. Have a look into,

  • Youtube
  • Twitter Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • MailChimp
  • SEMRush Analytics
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • Pinterest
  • Vkontakte
  • Instagram Insights
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Google Big Query
  • Google Adsense
  • Google AdManager
  • AdRoll and Adform
  • Facebook Ads and Insights
  • Linked In Company Pages

Schedule Refreshing And Emailing

With the introduction of Supermetrics into the market, digital marketers can be set free from reporting to the clients every day. Previously, it had a single-click refreshing feature and now steps ahead by introducing scheduled refreshing and emailing. This will keep the data up to date by scheduling the tasks, and you no longer manually open and update the sheets. On top of that, you can share the results with a bunch of leading professionals to analyze the competition in a high-demanding industry.

Data Analytics And Visualization

Do you know Supermetrics comes with a Google Drive extension? If you aren’t aware, here is what you can look up to. By selecting the Google sheets as the default reporting format, you can launch from the Add-ons menu. Now, you can pick the medium for which you want to check the metrics, say Facebook, Analytics, etc.from the sidebar.

Pros And Cons of Supermetric Software


  • Supermetrics software is trusted by more than 300000 people over 120 countries for it’s reliable and flexible options.
  • This application is great for generating marketing reports and analyzing business performance.
  • Supermetrics is available as API, Google Sheets, Excel, Google Data Studio, Big Query, and Uploader.
  • Save 10-30hours of time every month by not performing copy/paste work or exploring to CSV files. Further, it is possible to customize the reports by framing in different dimensions and visualize the way you like.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Bing and other social media marketing platforms.
  • Connect with the Google sheets to craft reports and display it proficiently to the clients when required.
  • With a single tap on this app, you can regularly update the sheets from different sources, say Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Webmasters.
  • No need to install multiple applications to monitor the website data, Supermetrics come with outstanding features to make the task easier and saves plenty of time.
  • Being a digital marketer, you may need to spend hours making reports. One of the best ways to overcome is by using this software that comes with limited features to analyze the website/blog visitors, revenue, loading time, conversions, and so on.


  • What we do not like is it’s a bit troublesome for newbies to operate at the beginning of days.
  • Compared to other marketing report tools, the cost of Supermetrics software is on the expensive side.

Supermetrics Pricing Plans

Whether you an owner of a small or large business organization, it’s crucial to analyze market value and accordingly choose the pricing plan. If you newly started a company and didn’t know how to select, then you should read this guide. In this section, you will know the cost of software for each specific plan. Let’s get started!

Supermetrics Plan Pro Plan SuperPro Plan 
Google Sheets $69/month $149 /month
Data Studio $99/month $299 /month
BigQuery $190/month $490 /month
Excel $99/month $199 /month
Uploader $39/month $179/month

Hobby – Free

Hobby Plan is designed for new users to connect with Google Analytics and schedule the reports manually. In this, you get a limited option of 100 queries per day, which is free of cost.

Pro – $69/Month

The Pro version is suitable for small agencies like consultancies, freelancers, who generate reports for the client’s projects. Furthermore, it is feasible to connect with the Adobe Analytics, Adform and Doubleclick software for achieving maximum performance. On average, you can perform 1500 requests per day and refreshes the data daily, weekly or monthly depending on your interest.

Super-Pro – $149/Month

Compared to the plans as mentioned above, SuperPro is crafted for organizations with hundreds to thousands of employees. What’s so special about Super-Pro plan is it refreshes the data on an hourly basis. So, if you need any metrics, you can get it instantly without bothering too much. Adding up, it has tremendous query limit of 10000, which is 6X times higher than the pro version.

Above all, Supermetrics offers 14days free trial services for new users to experience everything from scratch. If you prefer an annual plan, you can save 22% off on all the subscription plans.

Become Supermetrics Affiliate Partner

Affiliate marketing is trending now a day’s and a dream for most of the entrepreneurs to earn millions of dollars. The concept behind is to promote merchant’s products (good reviews, ratings, and quality) through an affiliate network and earn a commission.

Who can apply? Anyone who is a blogger by passionate, marketing analysts, trainers, and digital professionals can be a part of this program without having a second thought.

To your surprise, there are thousands of people who are making enough money by signing up for this program. You can refer to friends, family members, and office colleagues and receive dollars (20%) for each reference.

You may have doubts that will they make payments in time? Do not worry about that. So far, we don’t find any complaints against the returns. Why waiting? You can join the program immediately by providing details in the respective column.

The main advantage is cookies can be saved up to 90days when referral visits the website; it tracks until they purchase within the specified time. You also get updates about newly launched products into the market and promote them right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Supermetrics Safe To Use?

Supermetrics is an awesome tool for fellow marketers to save their time investing in crafting reports manually. It enables users to schedule the tasks manually and update data on a timely basis.

List Out The Features Available in Supermetrics Software?

Here is the list of features you will be familiar while handling for your small to medium and large scale businesses. Have a glimpse,

  • Best of breed integrations
  • Ready-made templates
  • Cross-platform reporting
  • Uploader, Excel, BigQuery
  • API and Google Data Studio
  • Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Automatic refreshing and sharing
  • Customized reports and dashboards

I Do Not Reside in America. Can I Participate in Affiliate Programming?

Yes, they offer affiliate marketing services for global users who meet the eligibility criteria.

Can I Expect Supermetrics Banners in Other Languages?

Unluckily, they are offering banners only in the English language.

If I Design a Banner With Supermeterics Logo, Will I Face Copyright Issue?

Before, you start using images, get the approval from affiliate manager by sending an email with the eye-feasting designs. The technical team will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Final Verdict

Winding up, Supermetrics is a business analytics software that creates all metrics in a single platform. It has Intuitive design that enables businesspersons to collaborate with Google Analytics data, social media and other online marketing tools. Even though the prices are affordable; they offer exceptional services to customers.

Are you a beginner, hobbyist or a marketing professional? What are your thoughts on Supermetrics software? Is it good to introduce in a startup company or MNC? Or do you use any other report analysis software? Write to us in the comment section given below. Our team of experts will have a great discussion with you shortly. If you like the article, share with your friends and colleagues to let them know the benefits.

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