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Start-Rite Review | Quality Fitted Children Footwear

Start-Rite Introduction

A British household enterprise for eight family lines, Start-Rite Shoes has helped children discover in comfort and confidence for 226 years. Proudly expert in small feet, each Start-Rite shoe is anchored in a deep knowledge of the ways children live and walk at present. With consistent innovation at its core, Start-Rite integrates biomechanics experts to create shoes that not just support a child’s developmental needs, but also their lifestyle needs. From first steps to school days. From fearless explorers to general butterflies. Child-specific precision integrates full, part and multi-width fittings.

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Why is Start-Rite Fantastic?

They are focused on flexibility for usual movement at each life phase. They offer Intellectual protection precisely where it’s needed — niggle-free comfort on any specific setting. Start-Rite shoes promise feel-good styling to fit every taste, feel-good convenience from first to the final bell and feel-good attributes for performance if it concerns. Since shoe requirements change as girls and boys get older, Start-Rite selection grows and adapts with them. Start-Rite primary school shoes, for example, have been created to safeguard feet while they explore while offering liberty of movement through flexible rubber soles. Cushioned footbeds add excellent comfort while some styles feature reflective detailing for nighttime awareness. Start-Rite shoes are made to give kids the freedom to move where they desire, how they want.

Start-Rite Features

Babies Shoes

Start-Rite baby shoes for boys and girls are made from high-quality, durable resources and include toe as well as heel protection to create early explorations both secure and fun. Start-Rite girls and boys range to include their iconic Mary Jane silhouette, standard t-bar buckle shoes, and modern-look extra secure double strap pre-walkers with simple on/off rip tape fastenings. All are today tailored to the tiniest feet and manufactured with the greatest of care for gentle safety.

Girls Shoes

Start-Rite girls shoes are expertly made to provide an aggregate of current fashionable styling and long-lasting comfort and safety. From very first walkers to mature school shoes, the girl’s shoe collection is created from the best quality materials. Perfectly placed flexibility in every shoe for girls allows natural movement at each developmental stage. Start-Rite first girl’s shoes have been built with busy little feet in mind. While children start to be a little more self-reliant and explore their surroundings, parents might be certain their feet are protected with durable, smooth leathers and flexible rubber soles to support their natural walking style.

Boys Shoes

Start-Rite boy’s shoes provide ease without compromise that has been created to support growing feet as well as day-to-day lifestyles. From first steps to schooldays, your son assortment is made to help their physical growth. Fashioned with active little feet in mind, first walking shoes offer added protection as little ones start to discover.

All School Shoes

Start-Rite girls and boys school shoes have been expertly created to offer a combination of current modern day styling and durable comfort and also protection. From formal brogues to tough sports-influenced shoes, boys and girls school range is created from the top quality materials.


Find Start-Rite stylish, quality, durable footwear at discounted prices. Select from dozens of shoes, boots and we allies for boys and girls in various colorings and patterns while stocks last. A fantastic place to stock up on additional pairs of shoes or boots for your boy or girl, or to road test a new style.

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