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Soundwhich Review | The Best Personalized Royalty Free Music

Music and media is a large part of our lives; there’s no doubt about it. Various streaming services for music and video content are everywhere around us. And if you want to become a content creator, it might be hard to get started with no money or connections. Of course, no one would want to pay a lot of money or anything at all for content that might not gain any profits. For that exact reason was Soundwhich made – to give you custom soundtracks for your projects.


What Is Soundwhich?

So what makes a great content creator? Besides the usual, basic skills of editing video and sound, you need experience and intuition. To put just the right soundtrack in the background or foreground, you must both be creative and have some money set aside. The paid, licensed soundtracks that fit your narrative are great but can cost tens or hundreds of dollars. This service allows you to tell your story without wasting that much money.

Why Do I Suggest Soundwhich?

First of all, the versatility alone is insane. Whether you’re making a private video, an advertisement for TVs or movies, long or short, there are soundtracks and audio effects to use. The next best thing is two different payment plans. Online Creator Package allows you to pay monthly or yearly. There is also a Single-song License if you only want to use one song from the library or commission a musician to make one. In both cases the price isn’t entirely fixed, thanks to the best pricing made by Soundwhich. That allows you to get the project done in a short period, without breaking your banks all that much.

Soundwhich Features

Enhance Your Videos

The music can enhance any story, funny or sad, and make it interesting to watch and follow. You only have to try and remove the additional sounds from any video, and you’ll see the difference it makes. Also, bad editing can feel rushed and unprofessional, and sometimes your attention simply drops. With Soundwhich, that will never happen, and a perfect choice of tracks will captivate your audience with ease.


No downloading software takes up your storage or wasting hours learning to use it. A handy beginner’s guide is on the website, and a dashboard allows you to log in simply. When inside, you have the full access to all of the features of the service, and the ability to customize them in a way you like. It’s also incredibly easy to use, in a drag and drop, or click-to-edit style. That makes it accessible for all levels of knowledge and skillsets.

AI Help With Prediction

The machine-powered engine automatically suggests sounds to add to your audio track. They’ll create suspense, excitement, or feelings of sadness without you looking for the best sounds for the situation. Of course, you’re the boss and in control, and can choose whether that fits your project or not. That ensures nothing is taken away from you since suggestions aren’t always perfect.

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