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SoloStrength Review | Bodyweight Functional Training Equipment

SoloStrength Introduction

SoloStrength has 3 Ultimate Gym alternatives for hassle-free body toning at home. Everyone has a conveniently changeable bar as well as extras to help many workouts, along with the tiniest Ultimate Gym go into a doorframe. The lightest machine weighs simply 32 lbs; each one SoloStrength gym can carry as much as 300 lbs which are intended for almost all working out levels. SoloStrength is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia as well as develops the items in Beijing China. The firm ships globally as well as have particularly quick shipping in America; US clients usually get their gym machines by FedEx within a couple of to five days of purchasing.


Why is SoloStrength Awesome?

SoloStrength gyms are adaptable equipment for weight training as well as flexing at all strength. They aren’t as significant as a few other home gyms. However, they can take as much as three hundred lbs, take nominal space, as well as allow you to achieve a lot more than 150 working out differences. Thinking about the cheap pricing as well as a reasonable guarantee, SoloStrength is among the best offers out there.

Getting an excellent home gym below $500 might be a nightmare. The SoloStrength ($399) might be perfect whenever you want to make use of your weight as resistance accessories. Should you choose a gym with pulleys as well as weights, then the SoloStrength Ultimate below $500 might be the best option for you.

SoloStrength Product

SoloStrength is an online Canadian company trading in the ultimate gym machine. The gyms differ from other living areas gyms; it is an all-in-one kind of gym that offers over 150 versions on potency plus workouts.

SoloStrength Features

  • Simple To Understand home gym workout system perfect for any multi-user working out the room
  • Includes Complete Size Adjustable Working out freestanding bar Program with dip/row Tavern, training manual, training videos, as well as delivery working out consists of 9 training circuit for the entire body. It also has limitless versions that make use of with tax, strength bands, bosu as well as sturdy balls to keep enhancing the required fitness.
  • 150+ Workouts AND Categories – Non-obligatory Components which can be purchased on the website: 1′ extra height as well as wall mount set up brackets
  • Use Practical Working out equipment to Improve Working out Alternatively in a self-provided room.
  • Calls for less than 4′ SQUARE of the room

SoloStrength Gym

You can get access to different SoloStrength Gym at affordable pricing. Some of the commonly mentioned SoloStrength gyms include the following:

  • SoloStrength Ultimate Doorway Gym
  • SoloStrength Ultimate Wall-Mounted Gym
  • SoloStrength Ultimate Corner-Mounted Gym


On this feature, you will able to get access to several accessories including ultimate Dip-row bar, Ripcords resistance bands, Foot Height Extension, 75 cm fitness ball, Minimalist Bar Gloves as well as Corner Mount Brackets and so forth.

Shop Ultimate Series

On this feature, you will be able to access the ultimate digger series of SoloStrength gym machine like:

  • Speedfit training
  • SpeedFit® Training Intro
  • Exercise Gallery
  • SpeedFit Circuit Training

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