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Snapmad Review | UK’s Professional Printing Studio

Snapmad Introduction

You may need the best printing studio to get your projects done in high quality and fast delivery on every corner of the UK, and that printing studio that can provide would be Snapmad. As their motto goes: You take it, we make it!. is an online printing studio that can take care of your needs to create your next projects; canvas, photo printing, wall arts, printed pictures on mugs and miscellaneous.


Why is Snapmad The Best? offers you high-quality final products for your project with great results with years of experience and expertise under their belt since 1997. They have come a long way to today by using the Fuji Crystal Archive Colour RA4 paper and using the ZBE Chromira LED digital printer with the help of Professional Photolab LED digital printing machine. For their canvases, they used premium quality 420g polycotton canvas and printed with the HP Designjet Vivid Inks and a warp-free Baltic pine frame finish. They also have sizeable employees of professional and amateur Snapmadder or in their own words; as excellent photographers who use Snapmad to help them grow their services and gallery.

Snapmad Features

Canvas Prints

On this section, you can choose on what sort of canvas prints do you want to have them made for you; from Single Image, Collage Photo, Panoramic, Polaroid, Kids Letter, Word Art, and Rolled or Split canvas prints.

Wall Art

Their wall art section is where they create artwork to hang in your household walls. The way it works is by previewing their large gallery of art that you can see, choose and change the option on how you would like for the image to come out. And then simply add it into the purchase order to get it printed by Snapmad studio as you have desired.

Mug Printing

Perhaps you want to have a good coffee or good tea with a great mug that you have made for yourself, by your own design. Snapmad also gives you an opportunity to make that wish come true, with a personalized mug printing service. Their website lets you create your own design mug with their selected layout on to the mug to really personalize the mug into your own liking. And if you still don’t know what you want or don’t have an image you want to put, they have a wide selection for birthday mug design, collage design and special occasions mug design to choose from.

User’s Comment

To really convince you on using their service, Snapmad adds comment sections from other satisfied customers as insight on what they have ordered and designed for themselves using their website service.

Conclusion online studio is a good quality printing service to provide you with your project needs. With wide ranges of services to create and designing canvas, photo printings to personalized mugs, they are certainly a viable option to choose when you do need a quality finishing for your project and to create your vision of art and photos.

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