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Powtoon Review | Create The Best Videos And Presentations

Powtoon Introduction

We live in the age of clever marketing, advertisements, and presentations that are meant to catch the attention of readers or visitors and convert them into customers. While that’s an easy job for some people as they are either educated about the topic or know the customer market very well, some might struggle to bring their company to the highest level. There’s no need to worry since Powtoon is here to help.

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Why Choose Powtoon As Best?

Powtoon is more than creating videos or PowerPoint presentations since they combine elements of both. However, they’re just as easy to use as video editors or presentation creators, and even easier! You don’t have to learn a new skill of animating or adding complex elements since you’ll have drag-and-drop options, and you can see the effects immediately to make it eye-catching.

Powtoon Features

Suitable For Multiple Purposes

Whether you’re a businessman, student, professor or a leader of the Human Resources department, Powtoon will be there to help. Catch and hold the attention of students and educate them in a fun, interesting way, present hardships and problems in a workplace within a presentation everyone can relate to. Even if it’s of a personal nature that should cheer up and educate your friends or family for a special event, the tools are at your disposal.

Very Easy To Use

As mentioned, everything is drag-and-drop, and you’ll even receive suggestions and pre-made templates that you can edit right away to get a finished product in under 10 to 20 minutes. This means no coding, design, or video editing skills are required, just a little sense of what you’re trying to achieve. There are webinars and training centers available too, which come very useful when you’re trying to grow your business very fast.

Powtoon Products


The company allows for a free version to be used in order to get a sense of what you can achieve with the paid version, as well as give you a chance to complete a quick project for free. Keep in mind, you will only have 100MB of storage to make your idea into reality, as well as limited access to content, and a branding in the video that shows the company’s name.


There are three payment plans to choose from – Pro, Pro+, and Agency. They range from 2GB to 100GB of storage, and HD videos to Full HD videos which are 1080p, instead of shameful and redundant SD quality you’ll get with a free version. The access to more pre-made content increases as the plans get more expensive which is obvious and justified.

Powtoon Pricing

Right off the bat, you’ll notice there is a switch you can flick to the left or right side. It changes the prices automatically between annually and monthly, and if you choose to pay annual, which is yearly, the prices per month will be discounted by 70% to 80%, which is the most value-for-money option. Of course, a monthly subscription will cost you between $89 to nearly $200 per month, but if that’s something that fits your plans more, it’s recommended you go for it.

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In the end, a service Powtoon provides to the users is very valuable in the multimedia age we live today, where flashing signs outside, as well as banners, ads and pop-up videos are what catches and holds the attention of visitors to the websites. The company is determined to boost sales and help everyone, from startup companies to those with a lot of years in the business, as well as personal use free of charge, and everyone wins.

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