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Out Of The Sandbox Review | Most Popular Themes With Great Features

Out Of The Sandbox Introduction

Out Of The Sandbox has proved to be a great milestone for online shops that have been searching for great Shopify themes to work with. It has brought a huge lot of themes with distinguishing features all that can be used in some ways. These have proved to be useful for the shops that were in search of the same for a long time. It has come up with revolutionary Shopify themes that are reliable, flexible and well-designed. It is the features that allow people to make changes easily and make their shops better than before. The themes have also helped people rest a bit more. Let us see some themes that have brought far-reaching results for so many.

out of the sandbox

Out of the Sandbox Themes

The themes are highly functional as well as beautiful. The shops are performing better, and people are happier than before. Better and newer fonts, cleanliness, style, and use of great colors are making them go crazy about the Out of the Sandbox Shopify themes. Now let’s look at some of the popular Shopify themes that might be your first option for your e-commerce website.

Turbo Theme

The Turbo theme is the most widely used theme of Out of the Sandbox. Talking of the Turbo theme – Portland, it is a powerful theme that carries features like product row sliders, logo list, and testimonials. It allows any amount of scrolling and is helpful for those shops also that are huge in volume and inventories. Whatever size the shop may be, Turbo will allow flexibility to ease the work giving great results.

Retina Theme

Retina Theme has been built for next generation ecommerce. It has also won awards for the same. The Retina theme – Austin is an elegant theme that allows full-width videos and slideshows, featured image gallery, layout options for blogs as well as testimonials and logo list.

Artisan Theme

Artisan theme, Barcelona was made for the service based merchants. But it has proved greatly useful for other shops also due to its features. You can create many layouts for content with lesser time and effort. It provides a custom contact form and product tables. The theme gives a professional touch to the data that enhances the value of the data and makes it even more attractive and reasonable.

More Out of the Sandbox Tools

Apart from the marvelous and highly functional themes, this platform provides better tools and aids to improve your marketing and online visibility. Let’s look at two of them.

Artisan Shapes Library

Here you get to use some shapes that range from animals and nature to food and drinks, geometric symbols, objects, and seasonal shapes. These can be used to make the shop look creative and attractive. Their sizes can be varied, and you can add to the colors of your choice.

Instagram Access Token

This token lets your theme access the Instagram profile of yours in a safe and secure manner. In case your Instagram feed has stopped working, then you need to update the theme before you can generate a new access token.


Out of the Sandbox has been creating these themes for the Shopify ecommerce platform for years. The growth and number of customers of Out of the Sandbox are incredible and outstanding. You can get only positive remarks about these Shopify themes. Without a doubt, I’ll give 5 out of 5 for this. Now, I suggest you choose the right theme for your shop by studying your requirements and also the themes to see which one will be best for your shop.

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