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Optimize.Me Review | The Best Collection Philosophy Audio Guides

In a stressful world, people are looking for alternatives to be strong enough to handle day-to-day tasks. Sometimes, you may feel unambitious. What’s the best way to get inspired? Today, we have come with an extra-ordinary online application – that incorporates 545+ philosophy audio and video clippings to motivate and bounce back in life with strong determination. If you are a voracious reader, then you will definitely find it helpful. 


What Exactly is About Optimize.Me?

Optimize is derived from the Latin word Optimus, which means the best; creating the best version of an individual. Although there are many other resources like YouTube, reading a philosophy book builds hope, confidence, and encourages you to reach new heights in career or something alike. A new-users can get tons of free content, and the premium members benefit more.

About The Founder – Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson, the Chief Philosopher at shares the universal truth that he is passionate about. Besides, he is the Chief Evangelist and responsible for inspiring the world to get the wisdom on. Initially, Brian was the CEO of Zaadz, where the company is integrated with spirituality and capitalism for understanding the universal truths and the passion for creating a business that changes the world. His mission is to empower people to live at their highest potential by utilizing strengths in the greatest service to the world.



  • 545 Stunning PDF’s is available in 6-pages (life-changing books) to create more wisdom at your fingertips in less time. 
  • With the help of MP3 Audio Guides, every PDF is recorded as the 20minute MP3 file to make it worth enjoyable. You can also enjoy them watching on emails and official websites. 
  • The Brian Johnson shares his big ideas as PNTV Videos, a 10minute video episodes on PN TV. 
  • The 3500 Biggest Ideas outlined and explained for the listeners in a simple and the easiest way. 
  • The premium membership program allows the audience to handle several features with hassle-free functioning. 
  • Bonus WorkSheets provided in this application will turn your ideas into action. 
  • Poster beautifully visualizes compliments the top 10 big ideas from each category.
  • The WorkBook helps to grasp the ideas quickly by transforming theory to practical experiences. 
  • Optimal Living 101 Master Classes turns the ideas into fun with 1hour practical masterclasses, a total of 25 to help you optimize the life from boosting the energy, confidence, productivity.

Optimize.Me Application application is for individuals who desire to be smart, ambitious, and high-performing individuals. If you enjoy the free content and get deeper into reality, travel with the This application gives the freedom to access from any device – laptop, desktop, smartphone. Further, it is easy to download on the Google play store and Apple store without any difficulty. 

Once you become an member, you will receive a video, worksheet, and MP3 daily to the specified email address. And every month, you get new Optimal living 101 master class which includes 1hour video, MP3, workbook, and meditations to bring balance in your life. 

Optimize.Me Software Pricing Details

Do you want to experience the application for the first time? It’s better to go with a monthly subscription plan which you will be charged $12.99 for every month throughout the usage. During this period, you will be given access to limited features to go through the videos and be inspired. 

Most people get confused in choosing an annual and monthly subscription plan. But, if you know how much you can save on the annual plan, you will surely fall in love with it. Furthermore, if you are a true fan of philosophy speeches, videos, and willing to enjoy the benefits throughout, go with the Lifetime plan. 

As long as the pricing isn’t into consideration, you can go with any of the programs depending on your interest. For registering any of the software programs, you need to provide details such as name, email id, and then create a password. 

Monthly  Annual Lifetime 
$12.99/mo $7.99/mo $399


These days we all are time-starved and look for smart ways to get over the problems. If you are a book lover and not getting enough time to read the philosophy books, then install the application (s philosopher notes) on mobile or desktop. Further, they have been listening to the requests and keep on updating to offer best services to the customers. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us in the comment section given below.

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