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Nano Shields Introduction

Do you understand what Nano Shields is or have a clue on how it works? Well, keep reading because, in this review, I will be looking into what is Nano Shields, features what makes it better and so forth. Blink not, it is your opportunity to learn and purchase one of the most exciting products on Nano-shield platform at a discounted pricing. Nano Shields Coating is a superb Visor Water Resistant. It improves visual appeal in many moist as well as wet conditions.

nano shields

Nano Shields Coating is simple to work with, and more importantly, it’s durable. The coating repels rainwater by beading up. Since those beads of liquid have much less contact with the plastic optics, the more significant types elope with gravity or even the wind. The outstanding water will be even more protected droplets instead of a smear that distorts the vision. By repelling the rainwater, the captured dirt, as well as salts, stay off the lenses or perhaps shields. Therefore you will never want to clean up them quite as often.

Why Is Nano Shields Awesome?

Our ceramic coating is appropriate for any lacquered surfaces. Once remedied, our coating can achieve a water hardness of over 9H. It implies the layer can protect your vehicle from micro scrapes to your visible coat as well as consequently maintain that terrific glow of a brand new car!

High Shine & Self Washing

It offers Shiny, smooth as well as self-cleaning. This nanotechnology permits the Ceramic nanoparticles to complete the smallest pores in the coloring making the Nano Shields Coating gleaming, silky as well as incredibly smooth or even hydrophobic. Nano Shields significantly decreases the outside pressure. And, it’s stopping environmental pollutants like bird droppings. Insects, dust, tar. Rainwater very easily eliminates dirt from the surface by encapsulating it whereas rolling off the exterior. It is known as the self-cleaning impact.

Nano Shields Products

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a transparent coat that has a liquid polymer. Ceramic coating provides good quality defense to the car’s exterior. The nano-coating might safeguard the vehicle from nearly all scratches, dust as well as chemical pollutants. A ceramic coating as well does not have any adverse reactions to the original paint.

Windshield / Glass Coating

It is a hydrophobic (water-repelling) coating for vehicle windshields. It enhances the vision of the highway in a stormy, snowy, foggy climate, which often can make driving a car safer, as well as offers the exterior with sturdy hydrophobic attributes, which provide the self-cleaning impact.

Helmet Visor Coating

It is a superb VisorRain Resistant. It improves visibility in a range of moist and wet conditions. It is also used on a motorbike even visor. This nanotechnology-enabled covering repels water.

Window Coating Installation

An outside layer or even tint used on the back side window of the motorist should have a subsequent LT of no less than 20%. Any coating or even tint used on automobile windows or windscreens should not have any reflector.

Ceramic Coating Application

A Ceramic Coating (like Opti-Coat Pro, C .Quartz, or Ceramic Pro) is a liquid polymer which is used manually to the outside of an automobile. The coating chemically ties with the vehicle’s manufacturing plant paint, producing a layer of safety.


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