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Nakamol Review | The Best Designed Handmade Jewelry

Nakamol Introduction

While jewelry is an essential part of every outfit, both for men and women, the female populations usually end up wearing them way more than often. That’s the reason why most online stores focus on carrying women products, albeit men are rarely left without a choice, it’s just slimmer and worn only by a percentage of men interested in rings, necklaces, and even earrings. Nakamol is dedicated to women only, with the intention of making them look magical and unusual, and positively.


Why Is Nakamol Precious?

It’s a fact that jewelry and accessories sold through the website aren’t anything new, and have been around for quite a while. But what makes this one stand out from the rest is the quality of products manufactured, but also effort put into making them as unique and at the same time, the customers as well. Mainstream products can be beautiful, but once you spot nearly everyone is wearing the same thing, you won’t feel as different and unique, and this is the perfect way to do it.

Nakamol Features

Based In Chicago, Handmade Products

This is exactly why customers are attracted in such a number because every jewelry product was handmade and created with plenty of love and dedication. On top of that, Nakamol is trying to use as much of natural elements and ingredients such as stone beads, leather, silk, feathers, and wood. Even though the company resides and operates in Chicago, they’re shipping worldwide, so there are no worries when it comes to rocking what they make in your country.

Nakamol Products

Wraps And Bracelets

Both of these are very minimalist and commonly a bit incognito when you’re wearing your favorite dress. However, it can really help accentuate the color choices and patterns you’re wearing if you match them with a bracelet that shares the same color scheme.

Chokers And Necklaces

Necklaces offered by this company are far more than just a decorative product worn around the neck. In fact, they’re created with such dedication and precision that you’ll commonly wonder how they managed to fit so many tiny parts into one necklace and made it look machine-made. There is proof that chokers were worn decades ago, but they have recently resurfaced and became more popular when it comes to fashion, and might be something a lot of customers like.

Earrings And Rings

There’s no way people will miss earrings handcrafted and sold on this online store. They’re very unique and contain either stone beads, feathers, drops or even gemstone and tassel for a fun, exciting look. Rings are pretty much the same – containing either a gem, a plethora of gems, or tiny details combined into a larger picture on the front of the ring.

Nakamol Pricing

As is familiar with companies that offer a plethora of products, joining their mailing lists can get you settled for the future. Apart from selling the products at a reasonable price with free shipping if your order exceeds $50, you’ll receive limited-time insider-only offers to your e-mail address, and take advantage of them on something you always wanted. Even without it, earrings, necklaces, and wraps already cost only a few dollars up to around $40, which is affordable as it is.


Yes, this company is interesting because of what it can offer you, and you certainly have to love their products in order to keep purchasing them. However, there is a business proposal intertwined for true lovers of their collections, since the company wants to work with you when it comes to wholesale. You’ll get unbeatably cheap prices, and then spreading the love for Nakamol by reselling them to friends and family can benefit everyone involved.

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