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My Hair Print Introduction

With the expanding of technology, we’re now able to change our hair in different forms like curly to straight or to frizz. Either way, even dying your hair is simpler than before. However, this all has become very easy, but we do not realize that the products are harming our hair. By the time we do they all have become spoilt and to treat them nothing works, but here is My Hair print that would create a difference. Hair print is all about your hair. They do not promise you false hopes but make sure to make your hair healthy again with the same kind of beauty you lost. The company is from the California that works in a way to allow you to restore these things without toxic method, which is, knows as green chemistry.

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Why Choose My Hair Print?

Hair print because of the clean products they have to offer you and the environment. The money that they earn is made sure to be sent to funds that support people for different reasons. They have proved that their products are different compared to the other as they hope the best for the environment and you by using ingredients that are safe for your health wise too. Whatever they earn from these products, 30% of it is used for education for girls all over the world, which is one of the basic problems.

My Hair Print Products

For learning what sort of ingredients they put, they have given detailed information about all of them on their website and the products they manufacture are:

Shampoo: all these shampoos are made with different kinds of herbs like Amla, bamboo and bio amla that is mainly for improving hair. They provide the conditioners too.

Oil: oil is important for the hair, but not all. Here you will find kinds of oil that have nutrients that improve the hair by adding volume and making the hair long.

Color Resorts: the products in this section is for both men and women that have a formula that restores the gray hair the original color and also works as a protein treatment.

Elixirs: these products are made for improving the hair b their formulas for the scalp: soothing inflammation, balanced sebum, and many other things.

Bestselling: Hair print has some amazing products, but these few are in demand:

Amla Shampoo: Since it has amla helps with the hair growth and makes it betters by the growth and condition.

Botanical Hair: It is a type of Elixir. It contains the ingredients that improve the dry, flaky skin, works as a cleanser for the scalp, prevents it from itchiness and helps hair thinning.

Organic Oil: It is made from Organic Rambla, it has a lot of omega fatty acids and has a combination of Jojoba oil that makes it a strong repairer for the split ends, motorizes for the scalp and strengthener for the hair.


Hair Print has made the impossible to turn into possible. It offers all the natural products to restore the beauty you lost. And that too by paying a lesser price.

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