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Muizee Review | Finest Jewelry With Custom Designs

Muizee Introduction

Every girl wants some enchanting and statement jewelry for themselves. To attain that wish Muizee comes handy. They let you have the jewelry of your style. Muizee have something for everyone. You can even get custom made jewelry with the hint of your personality into it. Muizee is an online store. They are manufacturers of jewelry. They are located in Toronto, Canada. Briar Gorton is the founder of Muizee. This company was established in 2013, and since then it has been pleasing women with elegant accessories. They have been in this business from past 5 years and they are rapidly growing. Muizee pours their heart and passion into making the fashion jewelry you desire of. They are very well aware of all the latest trends and fashion, as a result of which they have all the modern and most demanded masterpieces in the store.


Why Is Muizee Awesome?

Muizee is very particular about their piece, and that is why they are all handcrafted. They have an excellent team of designers on board to design their incredible jewelry. They follow new modern style, but they do have vintage, chic, bold and funky pieces in stores too. Muizee is not just retailer, but they are also a wholesaler. Last but not least, Muizee is very sensitive about its quality and standards, due to which they handpick all the posh materials to make their goods.

Muizee Product

Muizee has some remarkable items of consumptions in store. They are all available in wonderful quality. To begin with, they have a classic range of finger rings. Those rings consist of engagement collection, wedding rings and stacking rings as well. Then they have an assortment of necklaces. In the collection they have heavy stoned neck piece, dedicated chains and couples love lockets.  Muizee also has a beautiful collection of earring which includes hops, studs, hanging earrings and stones. Besides that, Muizee has bracelets as well. They have charm bracelets and friendship bracelets. Then they have a vast assortment of bangles, which was in a chunky and colorful style.

Muizee Features

Muizee have some very impressive attributes like they use hand casted metals. They also use sterling silver and gold vermeil. Moreover, they solid 14k gold and solid 14k rose gold as well. Muizee is so generous and opens-hearted that they offer gift cards and vouchers too. Muizee’s jewelry can be worn alone or layered up too. In the end, Muizee is kind enough to host amazing sales throughout the year. There are marvelous reviews about Muizee’s jewelry. There are a lot of fashion bloggers and influencers who rave about their jewelry. It is very easy to reach Muizee on their social handles like facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Muizee is an awesome store, and everyone should check it out. Muizee makes you beautiful with their incredibly beautiful products. Last but not the least they have an option of customized jewelry where you can design or personalize your jewelry and add gems into it.

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