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Kit Radar Introduction

This Kit Radar is all about the innovative sports technology. The two founders believe that technology is the future and for becoming the best at your sports, you need the technology that would help you. Thought for the activities they provide you with the goods you need and offer testing facilities before you purchase them. In this way, you can improve faster and achieve your goals. The people here have also worked with big brands like Nike, Puma Reebok and many more.

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Kit Radar Products


running is one of the best exercises, which is done on treadmills. Here at the radar, you can get different types of wear and products that can keep you comfortable.


cycling is fun and the best. Before we cycle, we need a few things that can keep us from falling or getting hurt. Here you can get different accessories for cycling and cycles itself that is their best.


Fitness is something important because of the food we intake. To stay fit, one must go to the gym. Over here, different products and accessories will help you go. At either home or gym, you need things for exercising to the core.

Kit Radar Features

Lumos smart bike helmet: This beautiful helmet has lights and is the finest in the world. It ensures your safety at night as the bright LEDs can spot you by anyone. It is triangular and comes for around $159.99.

Redshift Sported Shock Stop Absorbing Bike Stem: The stem is used to reduce the vibration through its system. This is to keep the bike stuff, and you can easily ride a few miles. It does not take too much of your energy. This is for specific kind of bikers that are for road and hybrid. It is for $149.

Shoe Smart: The shoe smart is for people who want to know things according to their run. The data is transferred to the phone and is attached to all the shoes. It has CR 2032 battery, weighs 13g, and is waterproof. Not you expensive just for $34.95.

Fitness Tracker: This keeps track of your steps, sleep, and health. It looks like more of jewelry and helps you stay alert as it notifies you. This is so interesting and important. One should buy it as it is only for $129.99.

Tablets: These tablets are a source of vitamins and keep you hydrated. One should take these if they are sporty as it would only cost them $4.99.


Kit Radar believes in technology rising and becoming important for sports. The people here are expertise and offer goods that are affordable and worth it. They also guide you to get the best from their store.

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