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Kemper Snowboards Review | Get The Best Snowboards And Sticker Packs

Kemper Snowboards Introduction

Kemper Snowboards is an online store for anyone who loves to skate in the snow. They sell a few products like snowboards that are made with funky colors to keep the person using it going. It is the source of a boost. The designs implemented on these are from the late ’80s and ’90s. These boards just keep the fun going because of the design and that was the very motive of this company.

kemper snowboards

Why Is Kemper Snowboards Fantastic?

Most of the board shops have multiple types of boards that are good, but here at kemper, they reintroduce the designs that were from the 20th century. Also, this focuses on only one type of board that is for snow.

Kemper Snowboards Features

Quality: The product is tested and proved that it is strong and will not damage.

Variety: There is only one kind of boarding in different designs and colors.

Affordable: they make sure the product is affordable for your satisfaction.

Accessibility: It is available for the US but also have few distributors who can reach it you according to their services.

Kemper Snowboards Products


  • There is one T-shirt available here. It has a soft touch printed logo on the chest. It will not shrink after being washed. It comes in four different sizes.
  • It is just a regular fit. Two types of materials are used to make it, and that is 60% cotton and 40% polyester.
  • It only comes in one color and is around $24.95.


When you purchase boards from here, it has a logo. The logo can also wear off for that they provide that is thick; it is long lasting, as it does not stretch. It also is made in a way that it can protect itself from scratching, rain and sunlight. You can get it in two sizes that 6″x 3.7″ and 3″ x 19. It comes for only. $9.95

Kemper Aggressor

A snowboard that will cost you around $389.00. It is 151 cm long. It had a traditional camber, which is a directional shape. Flexibility is around 7 out of 10 that is certified by the bamboo core. It has a sintered base, and the warranty is for one year. The Shao is created to fly and glide easily without needing the tight fitted suits and boots. This board is at least for $389.00

Kemper Freestyle

The price and the size are the same as the above one. All the things are similar to the last one the only difference is the design, which is covered with logo shapes on it.

Kemper Rampage

This snowboard has the same things in the above one. The design is made of scattered line with three different colors that are blue, green and pink.


Kemper is a brand that is all about snowboarding. These boards are different in style, which makes your experience with snowboarding fun. The quality is amazing at the price it sold for. They are only restricted to people in the US, but you can manage something to get the best.

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