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karni Craft Review | The Best Majority Of Charming Jewelry

Karni Craft Introduction

Karni craft is a professional and passionate jewelry designer. She started working in 2004, and since then she is collecting raw materials from the world of rocks which have a feminine touch from nature. Her Israeli roots also have an enduring influence on her jewelry pieces and other work. After 13 years of struggles, it has now been counted as one of the very well-known jewelry brands.

karni craft

Why Is Karni Craft Awesome?

Karni Craft is considered to be distinctive because of its balanced designs and empowering style. Every piece of its jewelry is a beautiful blend of artistry and craft. Each jewel excites the spirit of the people. Everything from the execution of designs to the creation process is carried out with the use of meticulous skills. It also consists of amazing customer care representatives who know exactly how to address the queries of the customers and how to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, it keeps offering discount coupons to serve its amazing jewelry pieces which attract more and more people towards it.

Karni Craft Features

Quality Assurance

Since Karni is operating and running the business herself, it enables her to ensure the unparalleled quality in each jewelry piece. It continues to be one of its underlying ethe as well. The Israeli roots also ignite a passion for the quality material.


All of its products are offered in pocket-friendly rates which enable customers to enjoy their shopping experience conveniently.


It is quite considerate towards the concerns its customers might have so it has made sure that all of its products can be accessed smoothly. And, the addition of guides, stories, and descriptions has also proved to be effective and helpful for the customers.

Karni Craft Products

  • The Zina Necklace (long) is hand-made and possesses semi-precious stone with silver plated chain. The Hematite stone is beaded on a silver plated brass snake chain. Its length is 90cm plus the 4.5cm of pendant drop. The design is crafted in a unique way that would certainly give an elegant look to the overall personality. To avoid discoloration, keep it away from perfumes and water.
  • Camila Bracelet is also made up by the combinations of semi-precious stones. African turquoise semi-precious stone is tangled with small wing beads on oxidized silver plating. It is quite flexible as well. It is available in different sizes for the person to choose the one that suits on her wrists.
  • The drop bracelet is unique and has made it to the hot selling as well. It is hand-made with the use of small metal drops. The use of brass chain with metal drops gives an exuberant look while it is worn on wrists. It consists of 24k gold and oxidized brass plated. It is available in different sizes.


If you want to wear beautiful natural stones around you, then you should certainly go for Karni Craft. It has a lot of incredible and exceptional attributes to impress the buyer.

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