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Growers Choice Review | Affordable High Quality Lamps And Fixtures

Growers Choice Introduction

Growers Choice is a United States firm working from Southern California, along with a collaborative hard work led by illuminating as well as horticulture professionals. We build top quality, long lasting as well as cheap bulbs that are created to better fulfill the requirements of plant cultivators compared to modern lamp fittings in the marketplace. There most favored items consist of our selection of Cerami Metal Halide lights as well as fittings, along with their 600W HPS as well as 1000W HPS Metal Halide light bulbs as well as accessories. They manage from California, together with one of the most skilled growers worldwide. As a household firm, they comprehend the requirements of today’s agricultural market, as well as try to offer effective illumination options for each vast scale as well as hobbyist growers equally.

growers choice

Why is Growers Choice Awesome?

Growers Choice option comprehends precisely what plants, as well as growers, need. Plants possess several substances that take up various kinds of lighting throughout multiple phases of development to be utilized throughout photosynthesis, as well as their objective would be to offer you a light which provides the plant whatever it desires, or absolutely nothing that it does not. Growers devote extra cash changing bulbs that deteriorate too fast or even break given that they were terrible quality to start with. Keeping these kinds of issues at heart, they now have teamed up with area horticulture professionals to provide you with clear bulbs that outshine the competitors.

Growers Choice Products

With the help of this feature, you will get access to Growers Choice Horticultural Lighting Unit first 1000 watt Super High Frequency computerized dual ended bulb explicitly developed for industrial functions. The GC-1000 provides high-efficiency along with the best PAR for sale in the horticultural sector. It is usually dimmable from 600 watts to 1100 watts. The Growers Choice one thousand DE CMH Bulb makes use of superior Ultra High-frequency know-how along with your selection of higher productivity 1000W as well as 630W lights. The bulbs could be picked depending on the watt as well as Kelvin score that ideal meets your requirements.

Growers Choice Features

Dimmable Option

The GC-1000 Computerized Ballasts enable bulbs of multiple wattages to be controlled in an exact unit by merely modifying the dial on the ballast. Every light is going to be controlled to the precise requirement that the view needs.

Smart Step Technology

By transforming the dial on the GC Collection Computerized Ballast, you may decrease the production of light whenever not much power is required. Merely switch the compass once again to step back complete control.

Super Lumen

The Super Lumen function on the GC-1000 increases the production of the ballasts maximum watt light to attain the highest light functionality. Enhance is around 10% based on the product.


Growers Choice offers numerous laboratory-confirmed Horticultural Illumination that is result confirmed whereas continual to sustain top quality guarantee in the precision of their exclusive range for usage with niche flowering plants. They have horticulturally designed exclusive mixture of gaseous components generates persistence in the spectral production, whereas nevertheless surpassing the competitors by primary the business with the most considerable degrees of PAR production without losing every light life-span or even degradation of the branded array. With the aid of the Growers Choice bulbs in current industrial use, clients should anticipate instant outcomes by viewing more powerful, healthy, and vibrant plants.

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