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Draftss Review | Get All Your Graphic Designs And Fully Functional Landing Page

Draftss Introduction

The Internet has come so far since the days it was first imagined and released to the larger public, so much so that you’re looked at weird if you don’t have Internet access. Even your school and workplace demand it due to e-mails and important notifications being sent to your computer or a smartphone. It’s a fact that no matter how successful your offline, physical business is, taking it online can make it a few times better and more successful, especially if you use Draftss services.


Why is Draftss Fantastic?

To have a functional, responsive website for your company, build your portfolio and raise your popularity, or even create captivating banners, posters or packages, you need to be very creative and proficient in software that’s used to design such products. That requires a lot of work crafting your art and getting better, and in the end, might not even be your thing. There is no need to waste time and money on getting an education when you can pay a fraction of that for someone to do it in a matter of a few days, and beautifully.

Draftss Features

Unlimited Designs And Infinite Revisions

This is the main feature, and one that makes the company look very professional and trustworthy, which is why so many people turn to them, apart from their creativity and knowledge. This means you can order as many services as you want related to graphical design, whether it’s a logo for your brand, an illustration for the magazine or newsletter, and other types of work required. After submitting the brief design requirement and idea, they’ll provide a prototype of what you ordered, and revise and perfect it until you’re completely satisfied.

Get Feedback For Free

Criticism can be a means of improvement, as long as it’s constructive and from the point of someone that knows what’s right and isn’t. The professionals behind the company can take a look at your website free of charge, and list the possible improvements or reworks that can be created for the sake of improving your website. It’ll be up to you whether you want to do them or not, or if you even agree with their opinion. If you do, however, you can let them work on it and make the necessary changes you confirm need work.

Draftss Products

Graphical Design Tasks

No task is too small or too big a challenge for them; in fact, the team loves working hard and pushing their limits. Logos, whole website designs, illustrations, product packaging designs, mobile application interface, and functionality, and even the design of e-books,  t-shirts, social media marketing banners, flyers, brochures, icons, and anything imaginable that falls under the graphical category is fair game.

Draftss Pricing

Getting a top-notch result requires a bit of an investment that’ll pay off in the long run, after customers are first attracted to the website, and they stay because it’s easy to use and simply beautiful. With that in mind, there are monthly and yearly payment plans. The cheapest one is a design-only plan, costing just under $350 a month, while if you need the coding for the website, it’ll cost $650 a month. Enterprise plans are meant for huge companies that require up to 6 tasks done at the same time, which is $3000 a month. Annual or a yearly payment plan has the same price, but multiplied by ten instead of 12, because you’ll get two months free.


Why would you go with draftss exactly? Well, the employees have more than ten years of experience in the graphic design and have undergone various tasks on day to day basis. They’re not exactly the cheapest around, but they certainly are the most professional, able to cater to every need, suggestion, and revision you might have, and they’ll do it successfully without a doubt. On top of that, you’re not bound under a contract, and you can directly communicate to them at any point in the day, which is very valuable for an on-going project.

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