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AMPforWP Introduction

AMPforWP is an open source of an initiative supported by technology like Twitter and Google. Their main goal is to make content that is faster to load for mobile users. They use their collaborative and transparent approach to work; they cultivate a successful and long-term relationship with their clients. The company creates solutions to complex problems, thus making life easier for their clients and their audience. They have a decade of experience, and they work with either small, medium, or big business and spend most of their time understanding their goals and the challenges they look forward to solving.

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Why is AMPforWP Best?

The AMPforWP is experienced and creates instant load on mobile devices and designs for customers to engage well with Google AMP. The Company is on a mission to connect to the word and therefore, creates the best products and services out of their experiences.

Monetize with Advertisement; the company creates the native AMP Ads slots placed all over the designs to help customers insert the Ads on the most visible sport hence easily advertising their products.

Their Search Engine Optimization is optimized and is integrated into one SEO. This ensures proper usage of the Heading tags and Yoast SEO integration.

The technology is characterized by a powerful setting panel that has control over each small area of the AMP site which comprises of color schemes, easy to use and 300+ options.

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The main products of AMPforWP are the themes and extensions that are used to achieving the AMP goals.

AMP Layouts: This is the innovative designs that allow the customers to apply aspect-ratio based responsive layout to any element. It is similar to the layout attribute on the existing AMP components but supports any HTML markup as a child.

Newspaper Theme: AMP created the theme specifically for users who were using the newspaper 8 themes and wanted them to have the same look and similar functionality. It was created with a Drag & Drop AMP page builder that allows customers to create dynamic home pages on AMP.

News Theme: The APM news theme is a prebuilt design using AMP Layout when you have customers and readers who always hunger to publish articles, blogs, news, etc. The designs have several features that make it incredible since they are available in the normal theme and looks the same as the customer’s normal theme.

AMPforWP is on a mission to create the best word press themes to help customers get the solution to their complex problems thereby, making life extremely easier for them and their audience. The AMP has some of the best themes that make them be more functional and dependable to deliver any feedback in the core of the AMP updates. Customers are provided with the most excellent themes the works perfectly good for their needs and they can depend upon them to solve their word press problems to serve their clients properly.

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Any business website performance is a key determinant if the business will make enough profit or if it will keep on performing poorly. The main aim of an AMP technology is to help the publisher website to load their sites quickly and even better speed and responsiveness thus allowing them to respond to their clients most efficiently.

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